Chicharito Hernández steps onto the Bernabéu turf for the first time as a Whites player 01/09/2014

“I have my very clear opinion, but I must calculate and I cannot always say what I think because tomorrow I will be on the frontpages and I do not want that. But if I was in charge, maybe I would not do things like that. Everyone has their opinion and is free to say what they think.” Cristiano Ronaldo Interview With As In TAG Heuer Event [+][+] | September 1 , 2014 


Real Madrid Le Real Madrid a recruté Javier Hernandez. Manchester United a prêté son joueur pour une année avec une option d’achat. Chicharito a présenté son joueur dans un Santiago Bernabeu. chicharito, Manchester United, Real Madrid, santiago bernabeu


REAL MADRID - new signings of 2014/15

"We have a very important badge on our chests, and this is not the example that we have to give to the world. What happened today wasn’t normal."

- Iker Casillas post-match interview Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid - 31.08.2014