Cristiano Ronaldo, UEFA Player of the Year 2014 (Part 2/3) | 28-08-14

Cristiano Ronaldo named UEFA Best Player in Europe 2014  | 28-08-14

"I’m really happy, I worked very hard but I want to thank my teammates too because they helped me win this trophy too. 2013/2014 was an extraordinary season, both on a personal and team level. We managed to play great Champions League and I managed to be top scorer and set a new top scorer record. I think the trophy was well deserved, of course we still have to train a lot to play like this. This is the first time I’ve won this trophy so I’m really happy."

Xabi Alonso Last Press Conference as a RealMadrid Player | Aug 29 2014 

Xabi Alonso Last Press Conference as a RealMadrid Player | Aug 29 , 2014

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- Wednesday, September 3: International friendly
  • Germany vs Argentina - 8:45 pm CEST | 2:45 pm EDT

- Thursday, September 4: International friendly, Euro U-21 qualifier

  • Hungary vs Spain (U-21 qualifier) - 4 pm CEST | 10 am EDT

I Think Number 7 and Manchester united are the Appropriate for Angel Di Maria | Cristiano Ronaldo After Wining UEFA Best Player In Year  about Angel Di Maria | Aug 28 , 2014


Cristiano Ronaldo.


the fallen angel!


the fallen angel!

RM Training - 29.08.2014